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trade advertisement.

What kind of trade advertisement do you wish to create? If you wish to sell bitcoins make sure you have bitcoins in your Bitcoinlay wallet.

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Advertisement rules
and requirements

  • For your ads to display you need to have Bitcoins in your Bitcoinlay wallet. You need 0.04 BTC or more for advertisements with online payment methods.

  • Certain payment methods require you to be ID verified before your ads are visible.

  • Each completed trade costs advertisers 1% of the total trade amount.

  • Once a trade is opened the price is final, except when there is a clear mistake in the pricing.

  • You are not allowed to buy or sell Bitcoin on behalf of someone else (brokering).

  • You may only use payment accounts that are registered in your own name (no third party payments!).

  • You must provide your payment details in the advertisement or in the trade chat.

  • All communication must happen on Bitcoinlay.com.

  • Payment methods marked High Risk have a significant risk of fraud. Be careful and always ID verify your trading partners when using high risk payment methods.

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